***Congratulations  Students !!! M.Mohamed Haleel Ibrahim ,Std III has secured FIRST  place in Spell Bee Competition at Dindigul District Level  *** Sri Santhosh Grade II has won  III  place in Karate & Silambam  Competitions organised by Dindigul District Karate & Silambam Asociation & Mariyam Arzu has won III  prize in Speed Skating Competition. organised by Dindigul District Speed skating Association.

About Us

Green Valley and Green Park Group of Institutions envisions to support children Prepare to Perform to their fullest potential, bettering themselves each day and become world leaders in their chosen field.

A  caterpillar does not see a butterfly in the mirror.  We welcome every child as they are and wish to see them transform into a butterfly adding more color to the colorful world.

We strive to create an ambiance that nurtures the curiosity of one’s inner self and mold them into an epitome of excellence.

We all have a dream of enlightening our kids in an endearing environment.  We all yearn to leave behind a legacy that honors us and hands down to the next generation an unbroken chain of goodness.  Here is your chance.  Enter Green Valley! enter Green Park!

Success is never an accident.  It is the result of planned, intelligent effort.

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